Summer Garage Door Tune Up Tips

Your garage door has had to endure many month of harsh weather, which is why it is important to take advantage of the warmer weather to refurbish it and effectively improve its functionality. Seasonal changes can affect your garage door and cost you money in repairs. With warm weather, it is easier to inspect your door for any damage and have any malfunctioning mechanisms or inner workings fixed. Here is a look at simple garage door maintenance tips that will improve the performance of your garage door this summer. [Read More]

Faux Garage Door Windows To Add Character

Do you think that your garage doors look too plain? Do they appear to be missing something? Maybe what they need is some windows. You can get the appearance of windows on your garage door without having to actually install windows. Here, you will learn how to paint your garage doors to make them appear to have windows to give them a little more character. To complete this project you will need: [Read More]

4 Tips For Starting A Franchise

You've beaten the odds have successfully started your own small business. As you get busier, you may decide to open several additional locations. But the time will come when you will have to decide if you want to keep expanding and become a chain, or start a franchise where other business owners can purchase your brand concept. When done properly, starting your own franchise can be quite lucrative, and will allow your brand concept to grow without requiring you to do all of the work. [Read More]