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Summer Garage Door Tune Up Tips

Your garage door has had to endure many month of harsh weather, which is why it is important to take advantage of the warmer weather to refurbish it and effectively improve its functionality. Seasonal changes can affect your garage door and cost you money in repairs.

With warm weather, it is easier to inspect your door for any damage and have any malfunctioning mechanisms or inner workings fixed. Here is a look at simple garage door maintenance tips that will improve the performance of your garage door this summer.

Washing and rust removal

Giving the interior and exterior of your garage door a good scrub using water and household detergent will help to eliminate dirt, grease, and grime that has accumulated over the winter, giving it a rejuvenated, bright look. A clean door will also reveal any winter damage such as cracks and tears that could need sealing to prevent further damage and improve insulation.

If you own a steel or aluminum door, try to remove any visible rust spots by sanding the surface before applying a primer that will prevent further corrosion. A coat of acrylic latex exterior grade paint should then be applied to restore the door's gloss and protect it from moisture damage. For wooden doors, a layer of quality car wax or a coat of paint should keep it protected from the elements.

Lubrication and inspection

It is not uncommon for a garage door to make loud, squeaky noises after a long winter, as it will probably have run out of lubricant. You might find that a little oil can help with problems such as stuck rollers and pulleys, making your door easier to operate.

However, lubrication won't solve the problem if the track is misaligned due to winter temperatures, so have it checked and straightened by a professional, such as one from Central Florida Garage Doors, before applying spray lubricant on the hinges and tracks to keep everything running smoothly.

The cables and pulleys on your garage door are especially susceptible to fraying and rust damage, so make sure to have them closely inspected. Any loose springs should be tightened, while worn out cables should be changed to keep the door secure and well-balanced. A garage door expert should also inspect the door for loose or rusted hinges, missing bolts, or damaged sensors as part of the summer tune-up.

These simple maintenance tips can help you keep your garage door in tip-top shape for the summer and ensure that it serves you well for many more years.