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How To Deal With Garage Door Repairs Due To Rust

If you have a steel garage door, it's probably treated so it doesn't rust. However, that doesn't mean rust isn't possible. A scratch could rust and then the rust might spread. When you see rust on your garage door, you should remove it right away because it gets harder to remove it the bigger the rust spot grows. 

If your door has been neglected for a while, you may even need to call a garage door repair service to remove the rust and get it back in shape. Here are some areas of your door that might get rusty, how to remove the rust, and when to call a garage door repair service for help.

Rust Can Develop Anywhere There Is Metal

Rust might develop anywhere on your garage door, but it's most common along the bottom panels of the door where they are close to rain puddles, snow, ice, and salt. The tracks can also get exposed to rain when the door is open, so the track is another place that's likely to rust if you don't keep up with the maintenance of your door. Rust starts small, but it can get unmanageable fast. It could eventually cover the whole door panel if you don't get it removed when the patch is small.

Rust Can Be Dissolved Or Scraped Off

It doesn't matter where the rust is located, it can be scraped off with a wire brush. You might need to use the brush to scrape the inside of the door track. You can also try a rust remover or white vinegar first to dissolve the rust so it can be wiped away. That leaves you with less scraping to do. Getting rust off of a garage door panel might require a lot of labor, so try dissolving the rust first.

If it's just surface rust, it may dissolve so you can rub it off. If the rust has already eaten through the door, it will be much harder to get off, and it may leave new holes behind if you scrub it with a wire brush. Once the rust is off, you'll probably need to apply a rust inhibitor and paint.

A Garage Door Repair Service Can Help

If you can't get the rust off yourself or you're worried the rust has eaten holes in the metal, call a garage door repair service. The repair person can check your door inside and out for rust and decide how it should be removed. They may try sanding it and using other tools and rust removers to get rid of the rust.

However, the repair person might also recommend just replacing the track or replacing the bad door panel. As long as the rest of the door is in good shape, replacing the rusted parts will restore the appearance of your door.

Contact a local garage door repair service to learn more.