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How Can A Repair Team Fix A Chattering Garage Door?

Does your garage door chatter and clatter when it goes up and down? This problem probably did not appear overnight. Rather, it probably developed slowly over time and just recently became severe enough to cause you concern. The good news is that garage door chattering almost always has a simple explanation. And all of the common causes can be addressed, fairly easily, by a garage door repair team.

Worn Out Rollers

The rollers are the little, wheel-like pieces that roll up and down in the tracks as the garage door closes. After many years of use, these rollers can start chipping and wearing away. They may have some low spots, or they might have disintegrated entirely. This is causing them to "bounce" as they roll along the track, which can lead to the chattering sound you're hearing. A garage door repair company can check and replace your rollers if needed. This is a fairly simple repair and should not take long, as your repair person will only have to undo a few screws.

Warped Track

Another possibility is that the garage door tracks themselves are worn and bent. This can happen slowly over time if your garage shifts. Or, it can happen suddenly if someone bumps into one of the tracks with a lawn mower or something heavy. Sometimes, the tracks become uneven and warped if someone pulls on them or tries to hang something heavy from them. If the tracks are only a little warped, a repair person will often start by trying to bend them back into alignment. If the tracks are very warped, on the other hand, they may need to be replaced. A garage door repair person can unscrew them and screw some new ones into place. This will take a few hours, but it's fairly routine work with predictable results.

Stiff Chain

Another possible cause of chattering is a stiff chain. If the chain is stiff and does not bend properly when the garage door is lifting, then the door might wiggle about each time the chain hits a tense or bent part. A garage door repair team can often fix this by lubricating the chain. But if that does not work, they can put a new chain onto your garage door mechanism without too much difficulty.

You don't have to go on living with a chattering, rattling garage door. Talk to a garage door repair professional to learn more.