Talking About Garage Doors

Common Garage Door Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Your garage door is tough, and you can trust it to keep your valuables safe from theft. Unfortunately, after years of service, you might start noticing some malfunctions. Some problems could be as minor as an unplugged motor, to more complex issues like completely damaged springs. Whatever level of damage is on your garage door, you can trust a garage door repair service to fix it.

Sometimes all your door needs are simple maintenances such as cleaning the rollers and tracks, tightening the bolts that hold the brackets, and checking the cables and pulleys. However, if your garage door is still acting up, here are a few issues you are likely to face.

The Door Becomes Noisy

If you cannot remember when your door was lubricated, it is probably full of rust, hence the annoying sound during operation. The noise could also be due to worn-out rollers. A garage door repair technician will look into the situation and determine the best approach. They might resort to cleaning and lubricating the movable parts or replacing the rollers if damaged beyond repair.

The Door Freezes

On a snowy day, the last thing you want is a frozen garage door because it means you cannot access your garage. It might take you a few minutes in the cold trying to figure out how to open it. Unfortunately, frozen garage doors are common during winter, and you can try to solve the situation by banging the opening button. However, if this doesn't work, don't persist to avoid further damage and instead call for garage door repair services. Always keep the door dry to keep it from freezing.

Your Door Is Not Opening Completely

Sometimes you will notice your door is not opening completely, which could be due to two major reasons. First, the up-limit could be too far from the motor unit, which is common after installing a new garage door, or the rollers are out of commission. Whatever the case, the door needs inspecting and rectified accordingly.

Your Garage Door Rolls Back During Operation

If your door keeps pulling back as soon as it hits the floor, you could be dealing with a close-limit switch issue. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to fix it. First, a repair expert will perform adjustments to the screws in the close limit in the motor. This process has to be done in small intervals till the issue is resolved.

Keeping up with maintenance is vital to prevent the issues mentioned above. To avoid further damage, avoid fixing any of these problems by yourself.