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Noisy Garage Door Operation? 3 Possible Repair Issues To Consider

Most homeowners quickly become accustomed to the sounds made by the appliances and systems found in their home. Soon, the hums of the fridge and the soft whirring sound of heating and cooling system fans are just easy-to-ignore background noise. 

So when a normal sound changes to an unfamiliar one, such as when a garage door begins to squeak, grind, or make a loud bang, it is important to see that change as related to a potential repair issue. If your previously quiet garage door is suddenly sounding loud and angry, there are some possible repair issues that may be creating those noises. 

Slapping or banging sounds 

Garage doors that suddenly begin to make sharp slapping or banging noises when opening or closing are likely experiencing an issue with the chain drive system. If the chain is too tight or has become loose, it can make the door seem jerky when operating and emit unusual slapping and banging noises when reaching a fully opened or closed position. 


Slight squeaks that suddenly develop can often be solved by applying a good metal lubricant to rollers and hinges. Extremely dry conditions can dry existing lubricant and cause rollers and other moving parts to begin squeaking when the metal surfaces rub against each other during operation. 

Squeaking that isn't resolved by applying a lubricant or noises that become louder may indicate that one or more rollers or hinges are loose or out of adjustment. Problems of this nature will need to be professionally repaired in order to avoid additional problems, like complete failure to open or close. 

Grinding, rubbing, and shaking

Garage doors that begin to emit grinding noises or sound as if they are rubbing against something during operation or those that begin to visibly shake could be suffering from a number of potential repair issues, including: 

  • the door has become unbalanced or uneven on its tracks
  • nuts and bolts have loosened or fallen out allowing abnormal movement during operation
  • rollers and hinges have become worn and are no longer able to hold the door tightly in place
  • one or more sections of track have become bent, twisted, or misaligned 

Garage doors that become noisy and no longer open and close fully or those that appear to hang unevenly when open or closed are showing signs that a serious repair issue has occurred. If your garage door is making any of these noises or acting abnormally in any way, having it inspected and repaired quickly by a reputable garage door repair technician will ensure that it is restored to safe, efficient, and quiet operation. 

Reach out to a garage door repair company if you notice any unusual sounds.