Talking About Garage Doors

The 4 Most Common Garage Door Problems

Most people take their garage door for granted, right up until the point where it stops working. At that point, homeowners will be faced with the decision of how to fix the problem. While some may brave the storm on their own with Youtube videos and how-to books, there is no shame in calling a garage door repair specialist. Whatever you choose to do, it can be helpful to know of some common garage door problems in order to diagnose your problem or to help your repair specialist diagnose the problem.

Here are a few things to check as soon as you think there may be a problem:

Rollers and Tracks. Garage doors are often attached to rolling wheels that slide up and down a track. One common problem that pops up for many homeowners comes about when debris or dirt gathers on the track, not allowing the wheels to get to their destination. Birds and animals have even been known to build nests or homes in garage door tracks if they are not used for long periods of time, causing big problems. Ensure that your tracks are clear before hiring someone or stressing too much about a broken door.

Tighten the Hardware. Another impediment to the roller wheels comes about because the hardware loosens. Screws or nails can be shaken loose over time, making the door impossible to open. If screws become too loose, they may even allow the track to fall from the ceiling or side wall. This is an easy fix. It is a good idea to avoid problems such as these by taking some time every six months to a year to just check the hardware.

Check Pulleys and Cables. Garage doors also operate with cables and pulleys, which help to hoist the weight of the door. Over time, these cables can become frayed or damaged, weakening their strength. Should one of these cables snap, they will need to be replaced. This is usually easier done by a professional, though capable homeowners may be able to figure it out just fine.

Check the Spring. As previously mentioned, the weight of the door can become an issue. If all of the parts of the garage door system don't work together, they may start to break due to the weight. Another factor that helps to lessen the load is the large spring that often hangs in the center of the door. Ensure that the spring is still functional, or replace it to solve the problem.