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3 Tips For Choosing Garage Door Openers That Function More Quickly

The type of garage door opener that you have installed in your home will determine how loud the garage will be when opening and how quickly the garage door can open. While the different types of garage door openers essentially perform the same task, certain features will ensure that the opener functions more efficiently and with less energy. If you're looking to upgrade your garage door opener to one that gets the job done more quickly, consider the following 3 tips.

Find Ones that Use Direct Current Motors

Don't forget to take a look at the type of motor that comes with the garage door openers. If you're looking for one that works quickly, you should choose a garage door opener that relies on a direct current motor. A direct current motor not only uses less electricity, but also tend to be faster and more efficient than alternative current motors. The system allows you to customize the speed of which the garage door opens.

Install Sensors at the Front of the Driveway

You can easily shave off a couple of seconds for opening and closing the garage doors by installing sensors at the front of the driveway. The sensors are able to detect the remote key within your car, and will send a signal to the garage door opener. You won't have to press a single button, and the garage door will either be in the process of opening or be completely opened by the time that you reach the end of your driveway.

Upgrade to One with More Horsepower

If you insist on using a garage door opener that runs on an alternative current motor, the only thing you can do to make the garage door opener function more quickly is to upgrade to a model that allows for more horsepower. This will speed up the amount of time it takes for the garage door to open and close. It will also be able to handle heavier garage doors. Keep in mind that an opener that runs on a higher horsepower will use up more electricity.


If you're sick and tired of sitting and waiting around for the garage door to open, upgrade to a new garage door opener. There are plenty of new designs and models that function in a quicker manner and more efficiently. Replacing the garage door opener doesn't take a lot of time nor effort. A garage door technician like Brian's Garage Doors LLC. can finish the job within a day.