Talking About Garage Doors

Looking For An Alternative Garage Door? Check Out These Modern Styles For Your Home

At one time, garages in the average residential home were not as prevalent, but in the last several decades, when you pull up to just about any home, you can almost guarantee that you will see a garage. Because the garage is such a large feature of the home, the garage doors really do deserve proper respect as an aesthetic component. However, if you are like a lot of homeowners, the garage door that is attached to your home is about as basic as they come.

If you want to make a major difference in the overall appearance of your home, swapping out that basic door for a more modern version is a good first step. Here are a few modern garage doors you may be interested in knowing a little about. 

French Garage Doors - French doors are one of those home features that serve up a high-end appeal, but what you may not know is that French garage doors are becoming quite the prominent home upgrade. These garage doors are fashioned to look like large French doors, either with two or three sections. The doors can open overhead, or they can open sideways in a side-folding fashion. 

Carriage-Style Garage Doors - If you are all about country charm and rustic appeal, carriage-style garage doors are definitely a good fit for your home. These garage doors are designed to mimic the appearance of what you would see attached to the front of a carriage barn, with an arch of windows and usually crafted of what appears to be wooden panels. However, carriage doors can be created from steel and composite materials just the same, but the textured finish and design details gives them the authentic look of the real deal. 

Side-Hung Wooden Garage Doors - Although side-hung garage doors sound basic, they come in many forms. Perhaps one of the more popular trends with side-hung doors are those that resemble real wooden doors much like you would have situated on the front of your home. These doors open from side hinges and can be attached to a motorized garage door opener and swing open in the center to allow access to the garage. 

The bottom line is, swapping your garage doors for a more modern version could be one of the most important changes you make for the exterior appearance of your home. If you would like to know more about modern garage door styles, stop by a garage door sales and service center in your area. 

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