Talking About Garage Doors

Steps For Choosing A New Garage Door

The garage is an important space, not only a place for parking your car but also for entryway to your home. What's more, the garage door can take up a large portion of your house's façade. In other words, your choice in garage doors is key to both the look of your home and to your daily routines. Choose a garage door that fits your home's appearance and meets your daily access needs.

Settle on a Material

At one time, wood was the standard material for garage doors. Wood-look doors are still very popular. However, many homeowners choose to install doors made of fiberglass or composite that resemble wood in lieu of the real thing. This cuts down on maintenance. If safety is a concern, consider steel – it's the most secure of all the materials.

Choose a Cohesive Color

Garage doors come in almost unlimited colors. However, because the door takes up so much visual space in your house's exterior, getting creative in the color might not work. The door color should seamlessly blend with the rest of your house. If you have a multi-car garage, you may want to choose garage doors that match your house's siding. That makes the doors less prominent than the rest of the façade. Another option is choosing doors that match an accent color in your house. This gives the whole façade cohesion.

Consider Glass Panes

Along with color, the style of your garage door is significant for how it affects the look of your house. The addition of glass panes changes the appearance of the door, opening up its profile. A row of modest panes is very common. However, if you have a modern-style home, you might consider a garage door constructed of stacked panes of glass. The sleek geometry and clean lines complement a modern façade. For a more traditional-style home, you could opt for panes that arch at the top – the arches add a classical element to the design.

Pick your Door Opener

While the look of your garage door certainly in important, your choice of door opener will impact your daily routine. An automatic garage door opener certainly is a recommendation. Even there you have choices in the type. Chain-driven models cost the least. They're very durable, but they can get noisy. Belt-driven and screw-driven operators are just a little pricier, but they're much quieter. Jackshaft and direct-drive openers are the quietest of all the options, but they often come with a higher price tag.

Make careful choices in selecting a garage door that works well both with your daily home access as well as your house's exterior.