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Tips For Proper Garage Door Lubrication

Your home's garage door is an appliance that you most likely use every single day. With so many moving parts, a garage door will need to be properly lubricated so that everything stays in working order for a long lifespan. Here are some tips for lubricating the important parts.

Look For Warning Signs

There are some signs that a garage door can have to tell you it needs lubrication. The most common sound is squeaking when the door closes or opens, but there can also be grinding sounds too.

A properly lubricated door may not make any sounds at all, but you will be able to see that it needs some help. This could be in the form of a door that is not opening smoothly anymore. The jerking motion is due to the door stalling on the tracks due to improper lubrication.

Clean Off The Old Grime and Dust

The first step before you apply more lubrication is to clean off all the grime and dust on the parts you will be working with. Start by removing the grime that built up on the springs and hinges on the door itself with a damp cloth.

You will then need to get on a ladder to access the tracks along the ceiling. All you need to do it is a sponge or damp cloth to wipe the track down. This area can be especially bad if the tracks were previously lubricated using grease. That's because grease and dirt mix together and can create a rough surface for the casters to roll over.

Apply Lubrication

You'll need to purchase silicone lubricant and brake cleaner from your local home improvement store to lubricate the moving parts. Place a few drops of silicone lubricant on each spring and a couple drops on the pivot points of the hinges.

The track will need a bit different of a treatment to lubricate them. You want to spray some brake cleaner onto an old cloth and wipe down the track with them. The lubrication will be just enough to help the casters move, but won't be a magnet to grime and dust that causes the tracks to need to be frequently cleaned.

While warning signs are a great way to tell if the garage door needs lubrication, you should not wait until you notice the warning signs. Try to make lubrication a part of an annual maintenance routine. If you don't feel up to doing it yourself, you can always hire a garage door maintenance company to do an inspection and perform any necessary lubrication at the same time.