Talking About Garage Doors

4 Things To Consider When Selecting A Garage Door

Once you are certain that you would like to replace the garage door of your home, you still may not know how to select a door that is suitable for your needs. The garage door of your home can improve or detract from the curb appeal of your house. Here are a few things to consider as you are making your door selection:

Door Materials

As you are selecting your door, consider the type of material from which it is made. A wood door may require more maintenance than a steel or vinyl door does. Still, you don't have to sacrifice your design choice. There are some vinyl and fiberglass doors that have the appearance of wood grain.

Door Style

There many different garage door styles. For instance, a carriage door can give the look of a rustic, stable design. The door has the appearance of opening outward like a traditional door but instead it opens vertically just like a typical garage door. 

As you are choosing your style, pay particular attention to the windows. Some garage doors are windowless, but others include windows across the top. Windows can be functional as well as decorative. The windows allow natural light to fill the garage space. This can be especially important if the garage is used for more than parking cars.

Energy Efficiency

If you plan to use the garage for recreational activities, such as playing games with your family or completing arts and crafts, the insulation of the door will also be important. The right garage door can help minimize the cost of heating and cooling that space.

Still, it is best not to assume that a thick garage door will offer the best insulating capabilities. Some doors that have thinner insulation are better at conserving the climatized air within the garage. To find the most energy-efficient door, look for a high R value. The R value is assigned based on the thermal properties of the door. A garage door that has a higher R value will generally have greater insulation and noise control.

Door Colors

The color of your garage door should complement the other colors displayed on the exterior of your home. It is often best to choose the main accent color of your home as the color of your garage door. For instance, if the shutters and trim of your home are brown, a brown garage door will usually match nicely.

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